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"Emily has come home beaming after each class! I can hear her practicing her song in her room! It is so cute! It really has been a great experience. She loves Miss Kaylin too!! Thanks!" (parent, Fall 2011)

"I just had to send you a quick email to tell you how terrific the showcase was last night! Jonathan loved it! I didn't know he was so funny!! He came home so excited,I couldn't get him to go to sleep last night! (parent, Spring 2012)"Hi Ellen! That was a super showcase Wednesday night. I think that may have been the best yet, but I must say Payton's expressions stole the show! (parent, Fall 2012)

Click HERE to see a fun video of rehearsal and the actors of 'Middle School Madness' the musical! Mark your calendars! You're not going to want to miss this show!!



Friday, December 28th, 2012!

Join us for one super charged, super fun day of     camp!! Filled with Improv,  Singing, Teambuilding, Freeze Dance, and of course it will be PAJAMA Day! Bring blankets so that we can build the ‘World’s     Biggest Fort’ in the Sanctuary!! An AWESOME Gift!

 Thanks for Making
 It a HUGE Success!

 Pictures of the fun!

Studio P Winter Performance Classes Posted!
      Did you know that Studio P funds Music That's Mine, Inc.- a non-profit 501(c)3 that provides personally meaningful music to those that need the healing power of music most! Learn all about the organization                       at  
STUDIO P's Wonderful Winter Performance Classes NOW Posted!! Use Coupon Code 'SING' For $5.00 off any class or event!

We're more than an academy....we're a community! 

Spreading smiles & confidence since 2007!
We are proud to offer small, meaningful performance classes,  
workshops, & events, where every student is a STAR!
Located @ Discovery Church/13000 Gayton Rd/23233
                      for DETAILS & to SIGN UP!!
                Tis' The Season for MAGICAL                       Studio P EVENTS!
         CHECKOUT STUDIO P's FACEBOOK page for special offers! 

Friday, Dec. 5 - 6pm to 7pm: Join STUDIO P Costumed Stars at Richmond's GRAND ILLUMINATION at the James Center!!
Thursday, Dec. 11 - 5:30pm to 7pm: 
Join Studio P Costumed Stars at the James Center Tenant Holiday Party!  
Saturday, Dec. 13 - 11am to 12noon: Join STUDIO P Stars & Jr. Stars as they perform at the Children's Museum, 2626 Broad Street! 
Tuesday, Dec. 16 - 6pm to 7pm: 
Join Studio P Stars & Jr. Stars as they perform by Regency Mall's food court! 
Thursday, Dec. 18 - 6:30pm: STUDIO P  & Jr. Stars will be performing at University Park Retirement home!
Saturday, Dec 20 - 1pmJoin STUDIO P Stars, Jr. Stars, & Costumed Students at Regency Mall for FLASH MOB & Performance & again at Virginia Center Commons at 6pm! 
Tuesday, Dec 23 - 1pm Join STUDIO P Stars, Jr. Stars, & Costumed Students at Regency Mall for Food Court FLASH MOB & Performance

            COMING SOON!!!

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